Site : 4.445 m2

Building : 13.830 m2

Height : 15 storeys

Location : Bekasi, Indonesia

Design Year : 2012

Construction Year : 2012 - ...

Program : Hotel, Mall


Aston Royal Hotel Project is design infill project at Bekasi Cyber Park Mall area. The mall which is the existing building was decided to redesign in other to make an entity between the hotel and mall design. This is business hotel which provides some facilities for meeting such as meeting room and also function room.

The design theme is from local characteristic. Bekasi is the industrial area in Jabodetabek region. Because of that reason we chose the 'container' concept  as the image representation of the region. The container form's idea was changed into a simple form, into box form. The idea of concept design is to arrange some of boxes forward and backward. It is repeated on the top of Bekasi Cyber Park Mall as part of design.

Façade use spandek, a common material used for roof and wall. Spandek has vertical lines that identical to the container. Monochrome colors like gray, white, and dove silver are used at façade to reinforce that image.



The longest side of the building is oriented facing north and south, so the heat of the sun is not directly hit the rooms inside. Glass materials are widely used on the façade as the source of natural lighting, which is covered by aluminium louvre. They will make unique shadow-shade inside the room.

Simple and modern interior design is the concept of Aston Royal Hotel.  Gradation of gray and some other colors like white and natural color of wood also used for interior design.

The most problematic challenge in this project is to infill hotel building into the existing building area. We have to face the existing floor level, service and visitors circulation. There are also standard from Hotel’s operator. But all of that challenge can be solved with the proper processing of the space.